Wordpress Simple Auto Delay Popup Plugin

June 11, 2011

Wordpress Plugin IconSimple Auto Delay Popup is a lightweight WordPress plugin for easily creating modal popup windows that automatically display after a certain amount of time, defined by you.

Popup content can be the content of a page on your site or any other url.

Usage is very straight forward and it’s very scalable.

Increase Sales!

Think of the possibilities! The attention demanded by these popups can help your site be more successful in converting visitors into clients and patrons. Some ideas of what to popup:

  • New product info
  • Hot limited time offers
  • Surveys
  • Contact forms.
  • Important information

How to Use

Using this plugin is as simple as adding this shortcode anywhere within a post or page.
Auto Delay Popup Shortcode Simple
This will create a popup, 400px high & 600px wide, which will popup three seconds after the page has loaded. The contents of the popup will be the content of the page with the ID you specified (the ’3′ above is just for the example). If you’re not sure how to find a page’s ID see below.

Displaying Page Content

  1. Create and publish a new page, this will be the content of the popup. Take note of this new page’s Id (see below if you’re not sure how to find this).
  2. On the post or page where you want the popup to appear add the shortcode and specify the ID of the page you just created.

How to Find the Page ID

View the list of all your site’s pages at Pages > All Pages. Hover over the page you want to use and check the url at the bottom of the page. The ID of the page is the number following ‘post=’.

How to find the ID of a post or page.

Further Customization

If the default dimensions, delay time, or content setting isn’t doing it for you they are completely customizable. Here are all the available attributes you can use:

  • id = the ID of the page that you want displayed in the popup.
  • url = (optional, use instead of ID) – the url of the website you want displayed in the popup. *use either id or url
  • delay = (optional, defaults to 3 sec) – amount of time in seconds the popup will delay before it opens.
  • height = (optional, defaults to 400px) – height of the popup in pixels.
  • width = (optional, defaults to 600px) – width of the popup in pixels.
  • frequency = (optional) – a number representing how often the popup will appear in days. ie: 1: appears once per day, 2: appears once every two days, etc…
  • title = (optional) – the title which is displayed at the top of the popup.

*Note use id or url depending on if you’re displaying a page or a url. If you use both together the url will take priority.

Displaying a Specific URL

Simply use url=” instead of id=” in the shortcode, like so:

Auto Popup Simple URL Shortcode

Of course, you would replace ‘http://www.google.com’ with the url of your choosing.

Purchasing the plugin includes simple support and any future updates. You will be directed to the download page after purchase.

Only $9.99


07/20/11 - First release!
11/27/11 - Some code cleanup and added 'frequency' feature.
12/15/12 - Even more cleanup and added 'title' feature.
09/13/14 - Improved functionality of 'frequency' feature and optimized for Wordpress 4.0.