MidiWriterJS - A JavaScript Library for Creating Expressive MIDI Files

26 January 2017 on JavaScript, MIDI

Being a musician and a programmer I've always been interested in the MIDI file format and the possible web applications that could leverage it. When I first started programming I really wanted to do something with MIDI so I looked up the spec for the MIDI file format but was very intimidated by the details, like woah.

Delete Duplicate WordPress Comments

24 June 2013 on Wordpress

I ran into a situation recently where all of the comments on a blog I was working on got doubled up, so I had to figure out a way to get rid of the extra ones. I read some solutions involving using two MySQL tables but I was hoping to avoid dealing with all that.

Add Custom Classes to Wordpress Posts

23 June 2013 on Wordpress

While developing my latest WordPress plugin, Initial Letter, I needed to figure out how to add a custom class to the post container.

menuFlip - jQuery Plugin for Flipping Navigation

11 August 2011 on Wordpress

Here's another simple WordPress plugin I came up with. I was trying to figure out an easy way to create a text box for some song lyrics which, once clicked, selected everything inside so anyone could easily copy and past the contents. Well, once I figured out how to make it I figured I would make it easier for others who want to do the same thing. Hence, Simple Select All Text box was born.

Confirming a Link Click with jQuery

28 July 2011 on JavaScript

Here's a function I wrote while working on a project that pops up a box confirming whether or not the user is sure the want to go to a link they clicked
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