I’ve been thinking a lot about what the world will look like in the upcoming years with the explosion of AI advancements.

Professionally we’re encouraged to use AI to increase productivity, and I can see why. It’s possible to ask an AI service to create something for you, and you’ll receive a very usable response which you can either then build on or use straight out of the box. I can’t help but wonder though; is this what work will look like in the future? Humans asking AI to do stuff for them, and essentially approving or denying its response? Will your performance be evaluated by how well you can ask AI to complete a specific task? Will it always been seen as just a tool? These are the questions that go through my mind.

Driverless vehicles have me pondering as well. Will there be a need for us to know how to drive if computers can do it better? Will driving eventually become obsolete, or even outlawed in an effort to minimize fatalities caused by the mistakes of humans?

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of leveraging computers to automate tasks is something I fully subscribe to. After all, it’s my profession and a great passion of mine. I’m just very curious about how AI will transform our lives, and what will be gained and lost in the process.